Welcome to Tea & Possibilities - a video podcast all about knitting, planning and nerding out in North West London.

Like knitting, crochet, planners, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and books of all shapes and sizes? This is the place for you!

Here you'll find all my episodes and shownotes.

Episode 1: Just Do It!
Episode 2: Thought Knitting
Episode 3: The Magic Number
Episode 4: Tales of Woe
Episode 5: Short & Sweet
Episode 6: Knitter of Jumpers
Episode 7: Winter is Coming
Episode 8: Stitched Up
Episode 9: Wizard!
Episode 10: Handfuls of Sock Yarn

Episode 11: Happy New Year! 
Episode 12: Ramble, Ramble
Episode 13: Basically Monogamous
Episode 14: One Project Wendy
Episode 15: So. Much. Yarn.
Episode 16: High on Vitamin D
Episode 17: The Colour Quest
Episode 18: Sock Knitter?!
Episode 19: The Edinburgh Edition
Episode 20: Off The Hook
Episode 21: FO-Saurus
Episode 22: Have Your Cake & Eat It Too
Episode 23: Puff Pride
Episode 24: Guide Sock
Episode 25: Inaugural Yarn Cake
Episode 26: The Problem With Being A Knitter
Episode 27: Hat Hair
Episode 28: The Sharp End of the Stick
Episode 29: Bit of a Numpty
Episode 30: Haul of Yarn
Episode 31: Double the FOs
Episode 32: Dream Knit Night
Episode 33: Tea Free
Episode 34: FO-Sure
Episode 35: Famous Last Words
Episode 36: FO Fail
Episode 37: Unknitting

Episode 38: Lucky Bean

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